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Micro Weld Fittings & Blind Glands | Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is directly involved in the creation of integrated circuits that electronics and electrical devices need to function. Manufacturing semiconductors is a four-step process that incorporates deposition, patterning, removal and electrical modification, and each one of these requires different valve and fitting applications.

High Vacuum Fittings for the Semiconductor Industry

Mako Products has the high-quality, high-vacuum fittings to meet these requirements. We're your trusted North American source for micro-weld fittings for semiconductor use, fittings and valves for positive pressure application operations and blind glands for semiconductor applications.

Our semiconductor fittings are made with both single melt and double melt 316 stainless steel. This gives them remarkable corrosion, temperature and pressure resistance, all of which are critical in semiconductor applications, which can offer some of the most challenging environments for tubing and tube valves and fittings.

Semiconductor operations can generate extreme heat and a corrosive atmosphere, and they can even generate toxic and extremely harsh elements and compounds like arsenic, sulfuric acid, phosphorous and hydrogen peroxide.

The semiconductor fittings we provide are made of the highest-grade materials and are held to exacting standards of quality. You can use any of them in your applications with confidence that they are going to stand up to semiconductor conditions and last. These fittings are suitable for virtually any semiconductor manufacturing environment.

Mako Products and the Exclusive Superlok i-Fitting System

Other fitting and valve experts may claim they can generate products of comparable quality to Superlok products, although we will put our fittings and valves up against any of them. What they cannot claim to have, however, is our i-Fitting built-in gap gauge system. This is a proprietary system that lets you know your fittings have been installed correctly, and anyone in your operation can use it.

This extremely simple process lets you know when you have tightened the fitting sufficiently by the red ring gap gauge popping off. As soon as that ring goes, you can stop installing, knowing that you have tightened the fitting just enough for a perfect seal.

This greatly reduces the possibility of error in your application, which is always a fear and concern in semiconductor manufacturing. You can be confident there will be no leaks, and you can avoid over-tightening and putting added stress on the system — something also very important to avoid in semiconductor manufacturing situations.

Find the Right Semiconductor Fittings for Your Applications With Mako Products Today

At Mako Products — the most trusted source for Superlok products in the USA — we have fittings to suit virtually every situation. We have a complete range of needle valves, ball valves, check valves, tee connectors, union connectors, quick connectors, relief valves and many more. We are sure to have the fittings you need for your semiconductor high-corrosion, high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

We are ready to assist you in finding the semiconductor fittings you need for your business. Give us a call or contact us online, and one of our knowledgeable fittings experts will discuss your applications with you and help you determine the exact fittings you need. Contact us today!

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