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Mako Products

The Ultimate In Instrumentation
& Controls

Featuring Superlok i-Fitting Technology

Your Top Superlok Source in North America

Exclusive source for Superlok's patented Zero-Leak technology int he USA

Wholesale direct valves, fittings, tubing, and more

Industry leader in quality, valves, and service

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Enrique Garcia

Star rating 5 stars

The people at Mako Products are the most helpful, attentive and professional people I have ever worked with. Their attention to detail and same say shipping capability is unmatched.

Travis Harris

Star rating 5 stars

Have been using the mako products for years. They haven't failed me yet. Looking forward to many years of continued use of their products.

Alan Unflat

Star rating 5 stars

Superior customer service as well as product selection and value has Mako Products at the top of my supplier list.

Chelsey Bryant

Star rating 5 stars

We have been using Mako for years now and not only is the customer service impeccable, but their product line and availability are unmatched. Thank you Mako Products for always being A++!

Chasitie Chimento

Star rating 5 stars

Quality Control Products has been promoting Mako/Superlok for about 3 years now. Love the product, the service and the family oriented atmosphere from this company

Rob Zidar

Star rating 5 stars

Great friendly service and quick turnaround. Always helpful.

Nick Muscarella

Star rating 5 stars

The team at Mako Products, are always friendly and very knowledgeable. They are quick to ship and always a complete order! 10 out of 10 would recommend them.

Rich Dalton

Star rating 5 stars

Mako is a great business to deal with. Great products and outstanding customer service (especially Stephen Hunt).

Becky Lott

Star rating 5 stars

Mako is one of our vendors that we go to for just about anything. They are fast on getting us quote and fast at sending us our product. We can always count on Mako!!!

The Blackmon Family

Star rating 5 stars

Love Mako Products they are always on time with RFQ's and have been a great vendor over the past year we have used them thanks and keep up the good work

David Wozny

Star rating 5 stars

Great group of knowledgeable people to work with. it's an easy product to sell and install, or as I like to call it "Compression Fittings for Dummies". No need to count the turns or worry about over tightening!

Landen Smith

Star rating 5 stars

Always quick to handle our needs here at Fastenal. Love the unique fittings vs competitors!

Heather Hefner

Star rating 5 stars

Very good products. Easy to use, especially with the red break seal to know when they are tight. Best thing ever, love the products.

Robert Frazier

Star rating 5 stars

Love the snap indicator!

Jesse Carmichael

Star rating 5 stars

Great team, great products!!

Jonathan Young

Star rating 5 stars

Mako has high quality and innovative products that stand out in the world of instrument valves and fittings. My experience with their customer support is one of the best in the industrial market and a real pleasure to work with.

Kyle Maine

Star rating 5 stars

Great customer service!

Mike Alderson

Star rating 5 stars

Very professional, I have been buying from Mako for many years. Their stock levels and prompt shipping make my life easy. Great group of people to work with

Brian & Wyatt Outdoors

Star rating 5 stars

5 star service and products. ! Cross over all my fitting needs !

Rex Kreusel

Star rating 5 stars

Happy Anniversary . . . !!! We've been associated with the product for several years . . . we continue to be more than satisfied with the product and customer service. Thank you and Keep up the good Work . . .!!!

RTR 17

Star rating 5 stars

Friendly and timely replies when inquiring on products.

Danielle Jones

Star rating 5 stars

Amazing customer service. Very helpful with matching our customers' needs with the products they have. And their products are high in quality and not high in price compared to other brands.

Enrique R Garcia

Star rating 5 stars

Great Company, Great People Run it and work in it. Extraordinary products, and product innovation. No doubt a great opportunity to change visions of what it was to what it will be in instrumentation building.

George Tsilivis

Star rating 5 stars

Great Valve Company! Sarah is the best.

David Terry

Star rating 5 stars


Donielle Rodriquez

Star rating 5 stars

Love Superlok fittings!

Jared Chavez

Star rating 5 stars

The MAKO Team and their products are great!!

Jason Ellis

Star rating 5 stars

I have never used these personally, but have been selling them Mako Superlok fittings for 6 years. I haven't had 1 complaint/failure from any of my customers

Chris Vachon

Star rating 5 stars

Great products and great organization. We sell this product but we also use it on our equipment!

Trey Dugal

Star rating 5 stars

I promptly received materials and invoices.

Lindsay Zant

Star rating 5 stars

Great Customer service and very smart in what they do!

Chuck Fant

Star rating 5 stars

Great products and great customer service!

Das Boot

Star rating 5 stars

These fittings are great and ship super fast! I sell these fittings to most of my customers and they usually ship same day and have tons of stock on hand! Great customer service!

Roland Owen

Star rating 5 stars

great product takes the guess work out of it. also keeps some of our customers from giving the nut that one extra turn just to make sure it's good.

Jeff BFC Bigcat

Star rating 5 stars

Mako-Superlok is an outstanding product-especially like the gap gauge; takes all the guess work out of under/over tightening. Mako sales staff are absolutely amazing and quick to respond to inquiries. highly recommend this product line

Josh Emerson

Star rating 5 stars

Travis Poe

Star rating 5 stars

Great product. Talk about stepping up your quality on the job, using the Superlok fittings takes the guesswork out of under or overtightening of fittings.

Chris Delacerda

Star rating 5 stars

Great customer service. Top notch company to work with.

Carlos Martinez

Star rating 5 stars

David Villarreal

Star rating 5 stars

Great products and always in stock. Customer service is the best around. We use these products all the time.

Kyle Tilley

Star rating 5 stars

Order from them all the time for my customers. Great Service and great product.

Zach Limburg

Star rating 5 stars

Great company to do business with. Affordable prices and fast shipping. Glad to have them on our Pumps Plus team.

Rick Sackett

Star rating 5 stars

Mako customer service is outstanding. Quotes arrive in hours and product assistance is instant. Business done the old fashioned way. Service, Service, and more Service

Doug Tran

Star rating 5 stars

Great Customer supports. Always responsive and fast turn around will technical requests.

Trey Hayes

Star rating 5 stars

Always extremely responsive and helpful. Very good on hand supply.

Ryans Ryans

Star rating 5 stars

Prompt professional service. We appreciate their ability to maintain good stock levels and provide great shipping timeframes. We can count on Mako to help keep our customers happy.

Nick Marx

Star rating 5 stars

We have used Mako as a supplier for several years now. They keep a quality product with prompt delivery.


Star rating 5 stars

The red/blue, tool-less installation makes everything infinitly easier offshore in rough conditions. Highly recommend switching to them.

Chuck Goforth

Star rating 5 stars

Excellent Product. Awesome sales team!!

Brian Skabo

Star rating 5 stars

Super efficient and the order and shipping couldn't be easier! Great products also.

Brad Sexton

Star rating 5 stars

Very knowledgeable people and want you to have the best products available. These are the fittings to get the job do right the first time.


Star rating 5 stars

Great company to purchase from.

Raymond Owens

Star rating 5 stars

It's good a place I'll love to work full-time if i had a chance to for


Star rating 5 stars

GREAT PRODUCT!! Easy to use and easy to torque to correct tightness with handy pop off indicator ring

Jason Yetter

Star rating 5 stars

Great customer service and go above and beyond to help in any way.

Justin Straton

Star rating 5 stars

i love mako products they always seem to be high quality and a better price than others. Don't use any other than Mako

Tyler Hutton

Star rating 5 stars


Star rating 5 stars

Fantastic customer service. Great product. Competitive pricing. Overall great company to do business.

Steve Thomas

Star rating 5 stars

The Mako Ball Valves and Tube Fitting are very good products

Alyssa Story

Star rating 5 stars

MAKO has the best customer service in the industry. Honest company with great values that is reflected by each team member. Highly recommend them! Their Superlok product is beyond the competition!

Lauren Averette

Star rating 5 stars

Great Service and Fast

Shawn Standley

Star rating 5 stars

can always count on Mako to get product out the door same day!

Mikiel Cooper

Star rating 5 stars

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. If they don't have a part you need, they can get it pretty quick.

Austin Baker

Star rating 5 stars

Mako has an excellent support team, and provides fast and reliable quotes for all our needs.

Mike Villanueva

Star rating 5 stars

Amazing company! Always come through when you need them the most. Very reliable company.

Cory Powell

Star rating 5 stars

they are always on time and the pricing is spectacular! sarah is a joy to work with!

Why Superlok?

i-Fitting Built in Gap Gauges- Zero Leak Technology

Mako doesn't stock just any old tube fitting. We carry the safest tube fitting on the market, the Superlok i-Fitting. This industry leading technology has been consistently preventing leaks for nearly a decade. It is with this track record that Mako feels confident in their life time warranty against leaks and failures.
The built-in gap gauge on our exclusive Superlok i-fitting tube fitting is so accurate that we warranty them against leaks for life. Just tighten until the red ring pops away for a perfect connection every time, guaranteed.

A Superlok tube fitting in a vice being tightened with a wrench. the red ring is still on the fitting.

Zero-Leak Technology!

Our exclusive Superlok tube fittings & valves include the patented and award-winning built-in gap gauge red ringswhich pop off when you’ve tightened the tube fitting nut to the correct depth. This feature signals to users that the product is tightened to perfection without having to use an additional
gap gauge tool. Complete your project with confidence using
our i-Fitting products to save time & money, and to ensure safety & accuracy!

Save Time & Money

Award Winning

Safest Fitting on The Market

Built in Gap Gauge

Ensures Safety

Most Accurate Installation

Eliminate Over & Under Tightening

This image shows a scale where the center is the green zone and the arrow lines up with the center

When you've tightened your tube fitting nut to the correct depth, the red gap gauge rings pop off, letting you know you've done it correctly. This helps reduce the possibility of human errors.

Save Time & Improve Productivity

This image shows 3 stop watches getting faster and faster as the move from left to right

Improve your profitability & safety with this reliable and simple system. This one innovation will impact your operational excellence & productivity.

Interchange / Intermix With Other Top Fitting Brands

This image shows two arrows swapping places

Superlok Tube fittings are proven to be interchangeable/intermixable with other quality tube fitting brands like Swagelok, Parker, DK-LOK, HY-LOK, and Tylok.

Why Mako Products?

i-Fitting Built in Gap Gauges- Zero Leak Technology

Our exclusive Superlok i-fitting tube fittings include the patented red ring gap gauges greatly reduce over-tightening and under-tightening of comression tube fittings & valves.

Excellent Value & Quality

Mako & Superlok products are fantastic solutions when you want incredible
performance with industry leading valves,  fittings, tubing and more!

Increased Productivity

The i-Fitting greatly reduces human error meaning fewer mistakes and down time from leaks, increasing productivity and the profitability of your operation.

Top Industry Certifications

Mako products is an ISO 9001 certified company and we meet many other certifications including  Nuclear N Stamp, TUV certification, Lloyd’s Register certification, CNG Ball Valve, and many more

Integrity Focused

Mako takes the perspective that integrity matters in all things, and we try to live that out at every level of the company.

Devoted to Customers & Mission

Our faith and Values are essential to our operations.  When you choose Mako Products, expect to always receive a gracious attitude and devotion to customer satisfaction.

One Stop Shop

With Mako Products' vast array of solutions for fittings and valves, we're able to help you reduce your number of vendors. Tell us what you need, we'll help you find a solution.

Connect with Our Team

Our team is eager to help answer any questions you may have. Reach out by providing your information below and we'll gladly connect.

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Our exclusive Superlok i-fitting tube fittings include the patented red ring gap gauge that make it impossible to over-tighten or under-tighten.

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