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Superlok Ultra-High Purity Fittings

Mako Products offers a variety of Superlok fittings of ultra-high purity — and quality. These Superlok clean weld fittings can stand up to some of the most challenging environmental and industrial conditions, so you know you can count on them in your operations.The superior Superlok design allows these Superlok UHP fittings to serve you across a range of industries and applications, including chemical applications, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, power generation, shipbuilding, paper, dairy and many other sectors that must have high-purity fittings due to the nature of their business.

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Available Product Series

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Series Information

Ultra-High Purity Fittings from Superlok

Our range of ultra-high purity fittings from Superlok includes:

  • Micro-Weld Fittings – Suitable for the miniature tubing system, allowing close component spacing and providing the same flow and service rating as a larger size weld fitting.
  • Forged Weld Fittings – Including 90-degree elbow, reducing 90-degree elbow, tee fittings, reducing tee fittings, cross fittings and reducer fittings.
  • Glands – Male and female glands, socket weld short and long glands, reducing socket weld long glands, blind glands and many others
  • Gaskets – As well as gasket retainer assemblies.
  • Nuts, Caps and Plugs – Including both male and female nuts and cable type plugs
  • High-Flow Connection H Type – Including high-flow male and female nuts, high-flow long glands, high-flow tube butt weld connectors and butt weld bulkhead connectors
  • H Type Welded Assembly – Welded male and female connectors as well as welded lock connectors and welded female union connectors.

Our Superlok clean fittings are ultra-high purity cleaning and double packaged in the clean room, with the sealing portion protected by a plastic cap. Fitting materials are 316L Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel single melt or 316L Stainless Steel double melt. Gaskets are silver-plated 316L Stainless Steel or Nickel. These fittings are easy to assemble and feature an ultra-high purity metal-to-metal seal to give you leak-free operation in high-vacuum and positive pressure applications. The QA leak test port allows you to visually inspect the sealing gasket prior to assembly. Each fitting also comes roll stamped or laser etch-marked with heat code traceability.

Order Your Superlok UHP Fittings From Mako Products

When purity is important to your fittings, you need to order your products from a brand and a company you know you can trust every single time. Superlok is synonymous with superior valves and fittings, and you can find them right here at Mako Products. We have countless customers who will testify to our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible valve and fitting product.


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