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Superlok CNG Valves & Brass Fittings | Natural Gas Industry

Tubing is an integral part of compressed natural gas operations, especially for upstream and midstream applications when you need reliable tubing to keep your operation running smoothly. However, great tubing won’t help you if you don’t have the right CNG fittings and valves. Reliable stainless-steel and brass fittings for natural gas are crucial to the success of your compressed natural gas business, which is why you must use Mako Products for Superlok CNG fittings and valves.

Superlok CNG valves and fittings are ideal for the alternative fuels industry. When it comes to natural gas extraction, a leak doesn't just mean wasted product and a loss of resource. A leak could also mean a severe safety risk to equipment and personnel. Not to mention the environmental risk of leaching natural gas into the surrounding water table if the leak happens subsurface. Our compressed natural gas fittings are well-designed to make sure gas flows directly to the containment vessel and does not leak out anywhere else.

If you want Superlok CNG fittings and valves in the USA, Mako Products is the best place to get them. Mako is your sole source for Superlok i-Fitting products in North America.

Why Are Superlok CNG Valves and Fittings So Popular?

There are many reasons why those in the CNG industry choose Superlok valves and fittings. We have a wide variety of products, from needle valves and ball valves to elbow, straight and union connectors and many, many more, all manufactured to exacting standards. There's also our reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction, with knowledgeable fitting and valve experts ready and willing to discuss all of your tube fitting needs.

But possibly the most attractive feature of our Superlok compressed natural gas fittings and valves is our proprietary i-Fitting connection system that appears across our line of fitting and valve products. This is a patented system that allows anyone to get a perfect fit when installing one of our fittings or valves every time.

The way it works is simple! Each fitting or valve is outfitted with a red ring that pops off as soon as you've tightened the nut precisely. This means no matter who installs your valves or fittings, once that red ring pops off, you can be sure your fitting or valve is perfectly sealed to the pipe.

As someone in the compressed natural gas industry, you can easily see the advantages to this. You can be completely confident that gas will not be leaking from your valve to the environment due to the perfectly achieved seal. Even more, you won't find yourself in a situation where you have to over-tighten to ensure there won't be a leak, which can put stress on and reduce the life of your tubing system.

Applications of Our CNG Valves and Fittings

With our wide variety of products and patented i-Fitting technology, nearly any CNG application can benefit from the use of our Superlok CNG fittings and valves. Experts across North America use our products in applications such as CNG tank installations and alternative fuel automotive maintenance.

CNG tanks have an excellent safety record, but the best way to ensure maximum safety and reliability of your tank is through the use of specially designed CNG tube valves and fittings. With our i-Fitting technology, you can more effectively seal against dirt and harmful gas leaks. We work with professionals like you to ensure the perfect fit that will make your CNG tanks run smoothly and effectively.

Many experts in the automotive industry also choose our Superlok CNG fittings and valves for general CNG vehicle maintenance. Our durable check valves are ruggedly constructed to provide superior flow control in natural-gas-powered fuel systems and to maximize the quality and longevity of vehicles' hoses, fittings and valves.

Use our CNG fittings for these and numerous other applications in the alternative fuels industry. No matter your unique business needs, we'll work with you to find the ideal solution with our selection of premium Superlok CNG products.

Contact Mako Products for Compressed Natural Gas Fittings and Valves Now

Our fittings and valves are easily interchangeable with popular brands like Swagelok, Parker, and DK-Lok. So, if you’re ready to upgrade, you can do it right away with no problem. For assistance in finding the right Superlok CNG valves or fittings or to place an order, contact Mako Products now.

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