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Excellent Service, Value & Game Changing Innovation

We're relentless about providing service that leaves you thrilled about choosing us

I-Fitting Gap Gauges provide dramatic improvements in safety, efficiency, & productivity

Honesty, responsibility, strong principles, & above-standard product quality are important to us

We're Fanatic About Customer Care & Distributor Support

Family Owned & Mission Focused

Faith & integrity are key essentials to our company structure. We exist to glorify Jesus in all that we do, reaching to deliver a delightful and incomparable experience that's in your absolute best interest.

Support & Care

Mako's top priority is to guarantee complete customer satisfaction at every level of our business operation. Expect to always receive a gracious attitude and devotion to excellent service.

Incredible Value

It's our job, as your chosen & trusted vendor, to provide as many quality products we can for your applications. Our products deliver value & performance far above our price level.

ISO 9001 Certified & Many More

We hold many certifications including ISO 9001, TUV certification, Lloyd's Register CERT, and many more.

Easier to Install & Work Better

With the Superlok i-Fitting technology, we simply provide a user-friendly option that performs better than our competition.

i-Fittings Transform Your Workflow

The i-Fitting products are not only an excellent value to begin with, but they also transform your installation by adding a safety feature that eliminates human error and increases efficiency

Commitment to Inventory

We work hard to keep up with the demands of our customers and to ensure a smooth supply.

What is the i-Fitting System by Mako?

Superlok i-fittings, offered exclusively by Mako, is an industry game changing system that reduces human error during the installation and provides easy verification of completed work. This revolutionary leak-free technology makes it simple to install tube fittings for new installers and veteran tube fitters alike.

Fewer mistakes and no leaks means increased productivity and profitability for your operation!

Discover how the i-Fittings system works by watching this video:

Why Mako Products?

i-Fitting Built in Gap Gauges - Zero Leak Technology

Our exclusive Superlok i-fitting tube fittings include the patented red ring gap gauges, which greatly reduce over-tightening and under-tightening of compression tube fittings & valves.

Excellent Value & Quality

Mako & Superlok products are fantastic solutions when you want incredible
performance with industry leading valves, fittings, tubing and more!

You Are Valued

We want you to feel prioritized & important.
Your time is valuable and so is our relationship.

At Mako Products we have a sense of urgency. We thrive on offering the quickest response times in the industry and we strive for a 100% same-day shipping goal every day.

Top Industry Certifications

Mako products is an ISO 9001 certified company and we meet many other certifications including  Nuclear N Stamp, TUV certification, Lloyd’s Register certification, CNG Ball Valve, and many more

Integrity Focused

Mako takes the perspective that integrity matters in all things, and we try to live that out at every level of the company. Honesty, responsibility, strong principles & above-standard products are important to us.

Devoted to Customer Care & Our Mission

Our faith and values are essential to our operations.  When you choose Mako Products, expect respect. We wish to show you the love of Jesus through selfless actions, a gracious attitude, kindness, and devotion to customer satisfaction.

One Stop Shop

With Mako Products' vast array of solutions for fittings and valves, we're able to help you reduce your number of vendors. Tell us what you need, we'll help you find a solution.

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