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Learn how the Aerospace & Aircraft industry relies on Superlok & Mako Products

Aerospace Fittings and Valves

If you're looking for compression valves and fittings, pipe fittings or other process valves and fittings for the aerospace industry, the only source to call is Mako Products. When it comes to aerospace valves and fittings, precision is paramount. You can’t afford to get your products from anyone but the best. We think you’ll agree that means Mako Products and our line of Superlok valves and fittings. The name Superlok is synonymous with quality when it comes to fittings and valves in the USA. Our fittings and valves are made with 316 stainless steel. They will not corrode in the thin atmosphere, and they can withstand other harsh environmental conditions that aerospace applications encounter.

i-Fitting being tightened with wrench and releasing self-gapping ring

A critical feature of our Superlok process valves and fittings is the i-Fitting gap gauge system. The Superlok i-Fittings are one way that anyone can ensure an airtight seal when installing a valve or fitting, and no other company offers anything so precise. In an industry where one mistake can mean disaster, the benefits of leak free technology speak for themselves.

It may seem too good to be true, but this simple solution is vastly improving the reliability of compression fittings. A gap-sensitive red ring around the fitting releases as soon as the fitting has been sufficiently tightened. When that ring pops off, that is the indication to the installer that they have created an airtight seal and can stop tightening.

Not only does this mean you do not have to worry about leaks, which can create a dire situation in mid-air, but it also means you can avoid over-tightening — something that would otherwise create stress on your system.

Find All the Superlok Valves and Fittings You Need for Your Aerospace Applications

With our large inventory of products, you’re sure to find all the aerospace fittings and valves you need. From needle, check, ball, and relief valves to quick connectors, union and tee connectors, all Mako fittings and valves are tested and designed to handle high pressures, high temperatures and tough conditions. Take a look through our catalog or call us to let us know what you’re looking for.

Contact Mako Products Now to Find the Valves and Fittings You Need

If you don’t have leak-free valves and fittings on your aerospace applications already, there’s simply no time to waste. Every minute you have inferior valves or fittings on your aerospace applications, you could be putting people at risk. Our fittings and valves are fully interchangeable with all major brands. You'll have no problem upgrading from Parker, Swagelok or DK-Lok, as soon as you receive your new Superlok products.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you determine exactly which tube fittings and valves are best for your applications, and we are eager to work with you. To find out all the information you need on tube fittings and valves for aerospace or to place your order, contact Mako Products, the most reliable source for Superlok products in North America.

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