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What Our Clients Say About Us

Ken, Texas


“My customers use a large and varied contract labor source. The experience of the individual worker is always different. With the Superlok system, these workers are capable of making safe and no leak connections.”

Randy, Oklahoma


“We have found Superlok to be a far superior product than the other products in the market! No hassle or guessing, just a quality seal each and every time!”

Johnny, Mississippi


“Our customers are fans of the Superlok fittings, because they are a great time-management tool for them. When doing installs, or replacing other brands, it’s much quicker than having to mark each fitting & have to remember how far they’ve turned the nut, from finger tight. Especially, if they get distracted, in the middle of an install. That’s a great time saver, when operators/technicians are responsible for installing dozens of fittings, over the course of a workday.”

Lance, Oklahoma


“This saves us so much time, like hours, in checking for leaks on my compressor skids.”

Kelly, Texas


“In my experience, the quality of the Superlok fitting is above any other tube fitting product currently offered in the market. The i-fitting concept offers all around efficiency for the end user as well as an added component of safety in the field”

Brian, Kansas


“The Superlok i-Fitting has changed the instrumentation market and we wanted to be part of it. Our competitors are limited to relying on 50+ year old designs, and we can offer something that is truly innovative, high quality, and competitively priced. This fitting is so easy to install the least experienced technician could be trusted to install them correctly with minimal training.”

David, Texas


“With the Superlok i-Fitting RED RING, we have eliminated the possibility of human error on our tubing fitting installations. I have confidence that our installers are not over tightening or under tightening tube fittings. Along with proper installation the Superlok i-Fittings save time by eliminating the need to mark each fitting to ensure it is tightened the recommended turns past hand tight. We also no longer need to use gap gauges to determine if the fitting has been tightened to spec.”

Sam, Texas


“This is a great product line. Our customers have had no complaints of the quality of the product and will continuously buy and stock.”


OceanPower Engineer

“The pricing is good on them, we have no problems! We use them in marine application in oil, fuel and seawater/saltwater.”

Randy, Pennsylvania


“I’m in love with the breakaway indicators. Gauging was guesswork at best.”

Mark, Colorado


“Can’t keep my fittings on the shelf!”

Darren, Louisiana

Production / Product Manager

“It’s been 1-1/2 years since we started using Superlok fittings supplied by Mako Products. We are a true believer in the Superlok fittings. They have cut down on installation time and cost associated with high pressure stainless steel tube fittings. When it comes to service, the (Mako) team is quick to respond to RFQ’s, usually within a couple of hours – not a couple of days like some of the competition. Delivery is spot on and efficient, also. I also enjoy the newsletters Mako puts out with current events. I would like to personally thank the Mako team for the professional attention to detail that is supplied.”

Jeff, Alabama

I/E Engineer

PreviousNext “We used another brand of tubing fittings for over 20 years before changing to the Superlok i-Fitting line. We’ve found that the fittings are interchangeable with the other brand, so integration issues are non-existent. Although our previous brand had no quality issues, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs in a globally competitive business environment. The Superlok i-Fitting brand has helped us begin realizing savings without having to change the fittings that were previously installed. We’re very satisfied with the Superlok i-Fittings.”

TJ, Texas

Purchasing Manager

“The Superlok i-Fitting has given us a superior product to offer the market. It’s helped solve safety, time and cost issues!”

Patrick, Texas

I/E Technician

“We had problems with another brand of tube fittings leaking and since we’ve used Superlok, they are secure, pop-off at the right time and there’s no guesswork! I’m loving it. We don’t have any problems doubling back to have to check the fittings either.”

Rebecca, Texas

General Manager

“We were interested in doing business with a company that has both a great reputation and a great product backing it. The Red Ring (Superlok i-Fitting) prevents over and/or under tightening and has played a big part on the success of this product over others.”

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