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Superlok Gas Compression Fittings & Valves | Oil & Gas Valve

Superlok Products for the Pipeline Industry

If you work in the petroleum field, extracting or transporting oil and/or gas, you know how important reliable oil fittings and gas valve fittings can be. No matter how good the quality of your pipes or how well organized your infrastructure is, if your oil or gas compression fittings are not up to par, your whole operation can suffer.

That’s why it’s great news that Mako Products offers Superlok products for the oil industry. We are your top USA fittings source for oil and gas because we understand that for your operation to be successful, you need your oil or gas to get directly from the earth into your containment unit.

One of your biggest challenges is preventing leaks in your pipeline that not only cost you valuable fuel products, but that also damage the environment. Our Superlok products are designed for the oil industry to prevent that from happening.

How Do Superlok Products for the Oil Industry Save You Money and Help Protect the Environment?

You’ll want Superlok products for your oil operation because of their wide variety and quality craftsmanship. Everything you need to complete your pipeline with valves and fittings you’ll find here — from elbow connectors to help you get around angles and needle valves for precision flow control, to traditional check valves, ball valves and branch connectors. Our stainless-steel connectors stand up to tough conditions, and we have the highest standards when it comes to quality.

With all that, however, what may make our oil fittings and gas valve fittings so important to the pipeline industry is our patented i-Fitting gap gauge system. This “red ring” system is a simple and elegant way to make sure your valves and fittings are sealed right. Simply tighten the valve until the red ring pops off. They are specifically calibrated for the perfect connection and an airtight seal. You'll know that your valve or fitting is free from the threat of leaks, which is one of the biggest problems that is normally encountered.

Imagine no longer having to deal with the headaches of leaky pipes in your oil industry operation. The best way to get there is through our valves and fittings, which you will always know are tightened correctly, no matter who is doing the installing. An added benefit is that you are in no danger of over-tightening. This helps you avoid the risk of leakage, which means less strain on your system as well as reduced wear and a longer life.

Contact Mako Products for More Information on Superlok Products for the Pipeline Industry

As the number one source in North America for Superlok products, we’re ready to help you refit your tubing system with high-quality, no-leak valves and fittings right now. Don’t deal with the stress of possible loose valves and fittings a second longer. Call us or contact us online today to find out which valves and fittings are right for your system and to place your order. We look forward to hearing from you!

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