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Superlok Compression Check Valves


Technical Specs

Primary Connection Range:
Secondary Connection Range:
Alt Primary Connection Range:
Alt Secondary Connection Range:
Pressure Rating:
Body Material:
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Port Size:
Orifice Size:
Seal Type:
Seal Material:
Seat Material:


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3,000 PSI • 316 Stainless
Available In: 1/4″ through 1/2″
Adjustable Cracking Pressure

These one piece in-line check valves are able to have the cracking pressure adjusted to suit the needs of the installer. They can be adjusted within four different ranges of cracking pressures based on the spring chosen for the valve. These springs are chosen by changing the letter that follows the valve sizing in the part number. See the example below or open the spec sheet for more information on ordering this product.

Available Spring Ranges

  • A - 3-50 PSI
  • B - 50-150 PSI
  • C - 150-350 PSI
  • D - 350-600 PSI

To specify the spring needed, simply replace the letter after the second dash.

Ex. An SOACV-M4N-A would have a cracking pressure adjustable between 3 and 50 PSI, but and SOACV-M4N-C would have a cracking pressure adjustable between 150 and 350 PSI.

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