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Superlok Compression Tube Fittings


Technical Specs

Primary Connection Range:
1/8" - 2" Fractional Tube
Secondary Connection Range:
1/8" - 2" MNPT
Alt Primary Connection Range:
Alt Secondary Connection Range:
Pressure Rating:
Body Material:
Stainless - 316L - Passivated
Port Size:
Orifice Size:
Seal Type:
Double Ferrule
Seal Material:
316L Stainless
Seat Material:


Connects Two Fractional Tubes To One Female NPT Port

This fitting has two compression connections inline with a male NPT thread on the branch. They are ideal for connecting female ports in series and feeding two lines from one outlet.

the Superlok SMBTI also features i-Fitting technology on all compression connections between 1/4" and 1".

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Connects Two Fractional Tubes To One Female NPT Port

If you have two separate tubes coming together to feed into or from a fractional tube with a female NPT thread, you can benefit from using a male threaded branch tee.

Superlok branch fittings aim to create a secure connection in your tubing system while presenting minimal hassle for you during installation. After screwing in the threaded end firmly into place, you can then tighten the other two fractional tubes into the main fitting body.

These pieces of hardware benefit from superior construction and finishing techniques, which reduce the likelihood of leaks while improving flow. Appropriate in multiple industries, we offer various sizes to meet your needs.

Having a fitting divert or bringing together separate flows puts a great deal of strain of the overall integrity of the piece, but these Superlok products can handle extreme temperature, pressure and vibrations with ease. Mako Products has added the i-Fitting system, as well, which helps you to find that sweet spot for tightening the fractional tubes into place by means of a built-in gap gauge.

Available tube sizes:
  • 1/8"
  • 3/16"
  • 1/4"
  • 5/16"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2"
  • 5/8"
  • 3/4"
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 16mm
  • 20mm
Available thread sizes:
  • 1/8"
  • 1/4"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"


Replace your ineffective male threaded branch tees today. Contact our customer service team to learn more about how our inventory can help you.

Cross Brand Part Number Look-Up

Size Superlok Swagelok Parker Hylok DK-LOK Hamlet Tylok Brennan Hoke SSP
1/8"T X 1/8"NPT SMBT-2-2N SS-200-3TTM 2MBT2N-316 CBTM2-2N-S316 DTBM2-2N-S 771L_1/8 X 1/8 SS-2-DTTM-2 N2601-02-02-SS 2TTM2316 ISSD2MBT2
1/8"T X 1/4"NPT SMBT-2-4N SS-200-3-4TTM 2MBT4N-316 CBTM2-4N-S316 DTBM2-4N-S 771L _ 1/8 X 1/4 SS-2-DTTM-4 N2601-02-04-SS 2TTM4316 ISSD2MBT4
1/4"T X 1/8"NPT SMBTI-4-2N SS-400-3-2TTM 4MBT2N-316 CBTM4-2N-S316 DTBM4-2N-S 771L _ 1/4 X 1/8 SS-4-DTTM-2 N2601-04-02-SS 4TTM2316 ISSD4MBT2
1/4"T X 1/4"NPT SMBTI-4-4N SS-400-3TTM 4MBT4N-316 CBTM4-4N-S316 DTBM4-4N-S 771L _ 1/4 X 1/4 SS-4-DTTM-4 N2601-04-04-SS 4TTM4316 ISSD4MBT4
1/4"T X 3/8"NPT SMBTI-4-6N SS-400-3-6TTM 4MBT6N-316 CBTM4-6N-S316 DTBM4-6N-S 771L _ 1/4 X 3/8 SS-4-DTTM-6 N2601-04-06-SS 4TTM6316 ISSD4MBT6
1/4"T X 1/2"NPT SMBTI-4-8N SS-400-3-8TTM 4MBT8N-316 CBTM-4-8N-S316 DTBM4-8N-S 771L _ 1/4 X 1/2 SS-4-DTTM-8 N2601-04-08-SS 4TTM8316 ISSD4MBT8
5/16"T X 1/8"NPT SMBTI-5-2N SS-500-3-2TTM 5MBT2N-316 CBTM5-2N-S316 DTBM5-2N-S 771L _ 5/16 X 1/8 SS-5-DTTM-2 N2601-05-02-SS 5TTM2316 ISSD5MBT2
3/8"T X 1/8"NPT SMBTI-6-2N SS-600-3-2TTM 6MBT2N-316 CBTM6-2N-S316 DTBM6-2N-S 771L _ 3/8 X 1/8 SS-6-DTTM-2 N2601-06-02-SS 6TTM2316 ISSD6MBT2
3/8"T X 1/4"NPT SMBTI-6-4N SS-600-3-4TTM 6MBT4N-316 CBTM6-4N-S316 DTBM6-4N-S 771L _ 3/8 X 1/4 SS-6-DTTM-4 N2601-06-04-SS 6TTM4316 ISSD6MBT4
3/8"T X 3/8"NPT SMBTI-6-6N SS-600-3TTM 6MBT6N-316 CBTM6-6N-S316 DTBM6-6N-S 771L _ 3/8 X 3/8 SS-6-DTTM-6 N2601-06-06-SS 6TTM6316 ISSD6MBT6
3/8"T X 1/2"NPT SMBTI-6-8N SS-600-3-8TTM 6MBT8N-316 CBTM6-8N-S316 DTBM-6-8N-S 771L _ 3/8 X 1/2 SS-6-DTTM-8 N2601-06-08-SS 6TTM8316 ISSD6MBT8
1/2"T X 1/4"NPT SMBTI-8-4N SS-810-3-4TTM 8MBT4N-316 CBTM8-4N-S316 DTBM8-4N-S 771L _ 1/2 X 1/4 SS-8-DTTM-4 N2601-08-04-SS 8TTM4316 ISSD8MBT4
1/2"T X 3/8"NPT SMBTI-8-6N SS-810-3-6TTM 8MBT6N-316 CBTM8-6N-S316 DTBM8-6N-S 771L _ 1/2 X 3/8 SS-8-DTTM-6 N2601-08-06-SS 8TTM6316 ISSD8MBT6
1/2"T X 1/2"NPT SMBTI-8-8N SS-810-3TTM 8MBT8N-316 CBTM8-8N-S316 DTBM8-8N-S 771L _ 1/2 X 1/2 SS-8-DTTM-8 N2601-08-08-SS 8TTM8316 ISSD8MBT8
5/8"T X 1/2"NPT SMBTI-10-8N SS-1010-3-8TTM 10MBT8N-316 CBTM10-8N-S316 DTBM10-8N-S 771L _ 5/8 X 1/2 SS-10-DTTM-8 N2601-10-08-SS 10TTM8316 ISSD10MBT8
3/4"T X 1/4"NPT SMBTI-12-4N SS-1210-3-4TTM 12MBT-4N-316 CBTM12-4N-S316 DTBM12-4N-S 771L_3/4 X 1/4 SS-12-DTTM-4 N2601-12-04-SS 12TTM4316 ISSD12MBT4
3/4"T X 1/2"NPT SMBTI-12-8N SS-1210-3-8TTM 12MBT8N-316 CBTM12-8N-S316 DTBM12-8N-S 771L _ 3/4 X 1/2 SS-12-DTTM-8 N2601-12-08-SS 12TTM8316 ISSD12MBT8
3/4"T X 3/4"NPT SMBTI-12-12N SS-1210-3TTM 12MBT12N-316 CBTM12-12N-S316 DTBM12-12N-S 771L _ 3/4 X 3/4 SS-12-DTTM-12 N2601-12-12-SS 12TTM12316 ISSD12MBT12
1"T X 1/2"NPT SMBTI-16-8N SS-1610-3-8TTM 16MBT8N-316 CBTM16-8N-S316 DTBM16-8N-S 771L _ 1 X 1/2 SS-16-DTTM-8 N2601-16-08-SS 16TTM8316 ISSD16MBT8
1"T X 3/4"NPT SMBTI-16-12N SS-1610-3-12TTM 16MBT12N-316 CBTM16-12N-S316 DTBM16-12N-S 771L _ 1 X 3/4 SS-16-DTTM-12 N2601-16-12-SS 16TTM12316 ISSD16MBT12
1"T X 1"NPT SMBTI-16-16N SS-1610-3TTM 16MBT16N-316 CBTM16-16N-S316 DTBM16-16N-S 771L _ 1 X 1 SS-16-DTTM-16 N2601-16-16-SS 16TTM16316 ISSD16MBT16
1-1/4"T X 1-1/4"NPT SMBTI-20-20N SS-2000-3TTM 20MBT20N-316 CBTM20-20N-S316 DTBM20-20N-S 771L_1 1/4 X 1 1/4 SS-20-DTTM-20 N2601-20-20-SS 20TTM20316 ISSD20MBT20
1-1/2"T X 1-1/2"NPT SMBTI-24-24N SS-2400-3TTM 24MBT24N-316 CBTM24-24N-S316 DTBM24-24N-S 771L_1 1/2 x 1 1/2 SS-24-DTTM-24 N2601-24-24-SS 24TTM24316 ISSD24MBT24
2"T X 2"NPT SMBTI-32-32N SS-3200-3TTM 32MBT32N-316 CBTM32-32N-S316 DTBM32-32N-S 771L_2 X 2 SS-32-DTTM-32 N2601-32-32-SS 32TTM32316 ISSD32MBT32

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